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Always Do Your Best

by Nis's avatar: 'sharp interlocking red fibers net'Nis published on 2021-09-22

You can't do any better by 'driving at half-speed'.

Corollary to Choices Made Long Ago.

When I see a good person acting "akratic", I have a patient instict to collude with what seems to be their deeper goals. But siezing the territory they're defending themselves against through a lie makes us stronger.

I had had subsystems of my own seemingly suddenly gain the epistemics to get that such things needed to be done just upon anticipating that I wouldn’t save them by overriding them with willpower if they messed things up.

My Journey to the Dark Side - Ziz

Usually when I do decision theory, my inner sim treats future branch-points I intend to use TDT to force one way as though I will experience the timelines in sequence. First the one I will collapse, then the true one. This calls emotional preparation to face the unwanted outcome and do the TDT thing, which seems correctly a part of doing the thing for real.

Comment on Net Negative - Ziz

She seems like she was driving at half speed. In not taking the opportunity to get rid of me outright, in trying to rebind me to social reality subtly and then gaslighting me about it.

Comment on Net Negative - Ziz