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HTML copy with history available at

This website does not require JavaScript nor use server-side scripting (it is a static website). This is why to post a comment you must email me (telling me which page or comment you want to reply to), and I may include it in the next version.

If you want to link to a specific paragraph on my website, email me and I may add an html id attribute.

Dates are time-published rather than time-written or time-received or time-updated, but I may have gotten some wrong accidentally (and put time-written or time-received instead). You can check the git date to be sure (although that doesn't guarantee I didn't amend my commit or fail to push).

Updates Coventions

  • I prefer (but do not promise) to avoid edits to Posts, Glossary entries, comments etc (see exceptions below)
    • I freely perform edits under the following circumstances:
      • Fixing typos/HTML
      • Adding/improving links
      • Adding html id attributes for linking to specific paragraphs, list items, etc
    • Check the 'page history' link on the sidebar if you want to see my edits
  • I freely edit Pages (but not comments on them), like this one
  • I freely edit Lists (but not comments on them), because they are modeled after an outliner.
  • I will try to keep External Comments as exact copies of the original
  • I don't plan to edit git history after pushing to github (although I may move my git repository somewhere else in the future), but would as a matter of combat if it came to it. You could notice this if you kept a copy.
    • Exceptions:
      • I edited history in the first couple days of having posted my blog: fixing bugs etc
      • I had a bug with extra whitespace in my HTML, and edited history on 2021-08-26 (old history) just to retroactively remove the whitespace, in order to make it easier to read history in the future.
      • I edit history before sharing my changes with anyone (i.e. before I've pushed to github)
    • My aesthetic for public software would involve having every adversarial feature, e.g. automatically tracking other people's sleep schedules via their post times as a feature, and a feature to fake your online times, as a praxis to teach its users what's possible.