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Glossary: Meaning Crucible

A place where even apparently-random changes to information lead to meaningful differences in outcome. Like an approximation of an (uncomputable and unrepresentable) programming language where each possible program is represented by only 1 possible syntax, yet syntactically related programs are also semantically related. Why it's possible for a source of pure noise, like radiation, to produce meaningful mutations.

Glossary: Variegation

Useful apparent-noise that acts as a carrier signal for information by avoiding interfering resonance like moiré patterns and to implicitly assist in brute-force search regarding possible interactions that information could have.

The energy-sensitive surfaces whose time-varying (and action-relevant) perturbations are to be predicted need to be many and variegated. In us humans they include eyes, ears, tongues, noses, and the whole of that somewhat neglected sensory organ, the skin.

Surfing Uncertainty

Glossary: False Vividity

Rot that uses variegation as a lure by injecting "creativity" into the territory with predatory telos. A treadmill of endless versions of the same story or pattern that never quite compress together because they are cut-off.

Glossary: Cancer Fluff

Lampshaded false vividity (e.g. to be pejorative, to pity-downplay, to threaten, or to sin-bond). E.g. see how the "droogs" in a clockwork orange talk. A headline I once saw on Hacker News: "How the .NET Foundation kerfuffle became a brouhaha".

Glossary: Invested Tell

When someone displays a tell that they are inherently invested in something as opposed to instrumentally. The extrapolated Vampire Enlightenment would say that anything this percept applies to is a weakness, which is untrue of good people.

e.g. What you say or do in response to dead silence you yourself have scried is about you.

Glossary: Default Interlocutor

Who someone habitually imagines judging their behaviors and speech. Often someone's parents, or their "social justice" or "religious" community, etc. Like they constantly have someone over their shoulder, or a reactive hole in them.