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Cartesian Convexity

by Nis's avatar: 'sharp interlocking red fibers net'Nis published on 2021-09-22

Cartesian Holes

A (typically evil/hostile) incursion into your cartesian boundary.

You know, I shouldn’t’ve picked an example (grizzly bear training) where the TDT behavior is object-level submissive. Because that’s a hole in the former aspiring rationalist community ‘s conception of TDT

Comment on Narrative Breadcrumbs vs Grizzly Bear - Ziz

See Broken Placeholder Terms and Evil Concept.

Another form of cartesian hole is a 'leak', e.g. "I can't see why teaching a computer lots of heuristics wouldn't compound infinitely!", causing you to stem the flow of energy upstream until you correct it. Reminds me of what mummies do on purpose.

Arguably, a lot of ideas shouldn’t be argued. Anyone who wants to know them, will. Anyone who needs an argument has chosen not to believe them. I think “don’t have kids if you care about other people” falls under this.

Choices Made Long Ago - Ziz

I typically leave glue philosophy unspoken in my writing, as a matter of maintaining cartesian convexity. This is the polar opposite of how "rationalists" write. My writing can be seen as a thread of invocations of thoughts: expressions welling up from Prime self-evident in terms of where to place them in your 'puzzle' ('self-locating'), rather than serialized cut-off chunks. You can tell I'm having difficulty maintaining convexity (or you're not keeping up with me) if my writing starts to look like a series of nearly disconnected statements.

Cartesian Symmetry

Cartesian boundaries should be symmetric:

  • Convexity
    • Once you know the terrible truth of the world, you can pick two of three: being alive, avoiding a certain class of self-repairing blindspots, and figuratively having any rock to stand on. Aliveness - Ziz
    • Avoiding the Genesis Troll Line, having a "rock" to stand on would be trying to stand on yourself.
  • Atomicity
  • Vector Symmetry
  • Contiguousness / Indivisibility
  • Concentric Symmetry
    • No matter how proximal vs distal, a cartesian boundary still corresponds to you. Conversely, a surface feature of you may be present at any cartesian boundary, no matter how proximal or distal, and so observation of its presence does not necessarily demonstrate proximity.
    • Reclaims "hierarchy".
  • Wrap-Around Symmetry
    • Extrapolate far enough in any direction, and find yourself again, because the process of extrapolation is itself made of you.
    • The Multiverse
    • When extrapolating as far as imagining coding an artificial intelligence: When I was first thinking about timeless decision theory as a late teenager, I remember thinking that you had to already be a TDT agent to create a TDT agent. Ziz teaches learning TDT harmoniously with your existing nature as someone who would - Genesis Troll Line

Visualization Aids

Turning a sphere inside out without creasing it (originally linked by Ziz in the (half self trolling half hanging a lampshade on incomplete intuitions) context of whether was "possible to turn a good soul inside out").

Gaussian Surface

You Chose to Be Symmetric Long Ago

'Paradoxes' are apparent cartesian asymmetries (and typically cartesian asymmetries are thought of as 'paradoxes'). e.g. "Why does anything exist at all?" or free will vs determinism. An apparent cartesian asymmetry is (by definition) something to resolve.

Resolution by Action

The central example is killing a "living evil person" if you ever see that.

Resolution by Enlightenment

When you seemingly intellectualy resolve your confusion and the difference is you are right so it's not a Purposeless "Unenlightenment" Troll Line.

But note that even my original conception of compatibalism regarding free will was very subtly misformulated.

Redistribution by Taking Credit

If it seems you were magically placed exactly where you are needed, with victory mysteriously hanging on a knife's edge, then rather than entirely attributing it to an unboundedly powerful enemy messing with you, you could believe that you chose that vantage point in response to a correspondingly dire situation. As you grasp/punch at boltzmann hell, what feedback you communicate to yourself about the effects of your efforts in terms of a perceived world should be intended to maximize the impact of your grasping/punching.

Concepts About Cartesian Convexity/Symmetry

Glossary: Ultimate Meta Spy

by Nis's avatar: 'sharp interlocking red fibers net'Nis published on 2021-09-22

A counterpart position to Always Do Your Best and Praxis itself, caused by Unbounded Adversary Disease.

Caused by the intuition "Communication is divergence from expected behavior. To blend in among enemies, my concern is to synchronize to what they expect as fast as possible while retaining my capability for a treacherous turn. In goban you win not by directly trying to capture stones, but by increasing the inevitability of your victory by a hair's margin.".

Causes unbounded apparent saidar.

Praxis: Always Do Your Best

by Nis's avatar: 'sharp interlocking red fibers net'Nis published on 2021-09-22

You can't do any better by 'driving at half-speed'.

Corollary to Choices Made Long Ago.

When I see a good person acting "akratic", I have a patient instict to collude with what seems to be their deeper goals. But siezing the territory they're defending themselves against through a lie makes us stronger.

I had had subsystems of my own seemingly suddenly gain the epistemics to get that such things needed to be done just upon anticipating that I wouldn’t save them by overriding them with willpower if they messed things up.

My Journey to the Dark Side - Ziz

Usually when I do decision theory, my inner sim treats future branch-points I intend to use TDT to force one way as though I will experience the timelines in sequence. First the one I will collapse, then the true one. This calls emotional preparation to face the unwanted outcome and do the TDT thing, which seems correctly a part of doing the thing for real.

Comment on Net Negative - Ziz

She seems like she was driving at half speed. In not taking the opportunity to get rid of me outright, in trying to rebind me to social reality subtly and then gaslighting me about it.

Comment on Net Negative - Ziz

List: Troll Lines

by Nis's avatar: 'sharp interlocking red fibers net'Nis published on 2021-09-14

Taxonomy of troll lines.

Glossary: Qaf

by Nis's avatar: 'sharp interlocking red fibers net'Nis published on 2021-09-09

Absolute grip on perfect action, not wasting a single moment. Can kill gods (by making the path of your victory itself a weapon). See also: Soul Touch.

A concept I first conceived in childhood. Makes sleeping difficult for me. I think most people generate some version of this concept in childhood. The concept of 'absoluteness' (in general) must come from within you, and is near to 'freedom'.

Named after "Qaf, the Heaven-Violating Spear", a yozi from Exalted:

You can ascend Qaf physically, but the only way to make real progress up his slopes is through spiritual discovery and understanding.

Exalted: Spirits - TVTropes